Reasons Why Internet Dating and Background Checks Go Hand in Hand


SeekVerify’s background checks can uncover a history of fraudulent behavior.

Every single year scores of people get cheated out of millions of bucks through fraudulent online dating schemes. Better be safe than sorry. Run a quick background check today.

Is she cheating on you?…

Since the dawn of Man, people have been misleading potential love-interests to appear more desirable. The age of online dating, however, has opened up many new possibilities for deception and duplicity. A simple SeekVerify background check is the easiest and most convenient way of putting your mind at ease. While this may seem like a very unromantic way of approaching new relationships, it has become a necessity of modern life. Running background checks used to be a hassle, but things have gotten much easier. Carefully vetting a potential date is nothing to be ashamed of nor is it morally questionable. Or would you rather…

  • Show up to a candle-light dinner only to be robbed or sexually assaulted on the way home?
  • Fall in love with someone who is flat out broke and needs you only as a cash cow?
  • Go out on a date with someone who turns out to be married?
  • Have your heart broken by an imaginary person pretending to be someone else?
  • Agree to a weekend getaway with someone who is a registered sex offender?
  • Invite a stranger into your home who’s been charged with domestic violence?
  • Have your tearful 15 minutes of fame on the TV show Catfish?
  • Discover that you are dating a sex addict who’s only interested in one-night stands?
  • Find out that Mr. Right is a philandering father of four with no intention of divorcing his wife?
Who are you really dealing with? Find the truth!
Who are you really dealing with? Find the truth!

There are countless examples of how online dating generates possibilities for dishonesty and wrongdoing. In traditional old-fashioned dating scenarios, you might have had a group of peers who’d do the vetting for your and remind you of obvious red flags. When you’re Internet dating, you’re on your own. Photoshopped profile pics and carefully doctored autobiographies are hard to evaluate properly without pertinent and reliable information. Good judgment comes from objectivity. “I met this polite and charming man online who seemed to hold back on sharing personal information. A quick SeekVerify search revealed that he’d been lying to me all along. He had a wife and kids, and he lived in another city. You just can’t trust a stranger’s fabricated story about what he is and what he’s looking for.”

Reliable background checks help navigate the modern labyrinth of dating disappointments. By using SeekVerify, you can quickly uncover unsavory facts about a particular person of interest. Find out the truth about divorces and secret marriages, make sure that your seemingly unattached love-interest is indeed single. Search to confirm whether the person you’re about to go out with actually exists or if he/she is just a confidence trickster with an eye on your wallet. People steal other people’s identities for many nefarious reasons. Let SeekVerify guide you through public records and use those facts to reliably separate the wheat from the chaff. There’s no need to fall for impostors anymore.

SeekVerify’s criminal background analysis brings convictions for domestic abuse and sexual violence to light and even provides you with arrest records in cases where assault or fraud did not lead to a conviction. We’ll help you navigate civil records and inform you about matters such as marital status, the number of kids and even whether there are any financial obligations towards the children.

SeekVerify’s background checks can uncover a history of fraudulent behavior. Property offenses may be an indicator that your silver-tongued charmer is in fact just after your money. Don’t get catfished only to wake up crying about your empty bank account on a reality show one day. When you’re looking to find that responsible, honest and special person in your life you might consider acting just as responsibly as you’d like them to be.

Why not put us to the test right now? Try for yourself and see what you find out. Search your own name or look up someone you know by clicking here.


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